Friday, November 16, 2007

Sam & Erin

If you've been around us at all since July, then you probably know right away who Sam & Erin are. If not, you can update yourself by clicking my first Blog Link to the right. Now that I'm caught up to November with this blog, I am looking at the only other photos I have uploaded right now. A trip to Palo Alto that I took with my step-mom, Debbie and aunts Jan & Karen. A lovely woman by the name of Karen made an awesome quiche luncheon in honor of Erin. We drove down and spent time with this amazing woman who married my cousin Sam. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing all of these photos, I will have to ask! There's a picture of several of us in the kitchen of the house where Erin is staying. That wall is a wall of refrigerators! Pictured are my aunt Jan, Aunt Karen, Erin, aunt Kelley (Sam's mom), Debbie and then myself. Below are some random shots of the day as well as a picture of the huge house where Erin is staying and the walk back to the hospital across the street to continue visiting with Sam. When I think of Sam and our visit this day, what comes to mind is a verse that goes something like, "He who began a good work in you, will complete it." I know that is not in the right context, and someone will have to tell me where that is, but I think of it because God is working mightily in Sam & Erin. Love you both.

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McAngels said...

Thank you Courtney for doing a blog!! I love seeing everything going on with your family!!