Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nathan & Kindergarten

Kindergarten has been life changing! At first it was really hard to get him there and pick him up and disrupt the other two kids' schedules, especially naps. We have finally gotten used to it, but it was quite a transition. Nathan goes to Dewey Fundamental, which so far, I am really glad we chose this school for him. The parental involvement here amazes me. Of course, you wouldn't choose to send your child to an open enrollment school that required 36 hours of the parents volunteer time a year unless you were planning on being involved. Anyways, Nathan LOVES Kindergarten and is doing so well reading and writing. Nathan is a member of the Letter Club, the Shoe-Tying Club and just loves being a Dewey Tiger. On holidays and weekends all he can talk about is when he gets to go back to school. This is his school picture, isn't he so big? It shows his lost tooth!

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