Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007: What a day! We had a packed schedule on this day. It started out with wishing my baby a happy 6th birthday followed by taking him to Kindergarten. Hannah, Preston & I spent a little while playing with Lincoln, Jackson & Aunt Lisa before lunch and naps. Aunt Gracie babysat the younger two while they slept and I picked up Nathan from school. Meanwhile, Great Grammy & Papa came over to give Nathan a birthday present. A little after 3pm and two naps we headed over to Hannah's special friend, Esther's house for her 3rd birthday party. That was really fun for all three kiddos. We went straight from there up to Roseville to pick up some cupcakes before arriving to my Dad & Debbie's house for a little family birthday time for Nathan. He is so proud to be 6 years old now. We are so proud of him!!Pin the Fairy on the Flower -at Esther's birthday party
My cute little boys observing the game
Playing on the trampoline - I think it was still bouncing!

Holding his Pirates' compass and making a wish...

Everyone's enjoying cupcakes and ice cream

Savoring every bite

Aunt Lisa and the boys - she is thinking, "Am I really letting them eat this???"

This one, Cohen I believe, is REALLY enjoying his cupcake.

His Mommy was SO mad.

Chocolate beard!

A happy little 6 year old had a really good day.

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Christina said...

Great pictures of Nathans Birthday! I think they are so cute! How are you?