Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sleeping on Daddy

Joshua had his first double ear infection the week before our vacation. At that time he was also cutting his top two teeth. It was very difficult to get him to sleep during this time. Here is a sweet moment amid the fatigue of that time.

Jesus Storybook Bible - HIGHLY recommended

This book had been referred to me by a couple of people and I have referred it to others - or bought it! I noticed it's on sale right now at Christian Book ( for just $9.50, I think S/H is $3 or $4. Because this book is so well written, and such a treaure to our family, I thought I'd highlight it here on our blog. Every story, from Genesis to Revelation, truly does whisper His name!

Phelps Family

Here is a preview of the 2011 Phelps Family photo shoot - just the grandkids below. More pictures to come once they arrive!
What a fun weekend we had with the whole family.

We had SO much fun when all the Phelps's were in town. We crashed Pat's house a few times, we celebrated Dylan's b-day at John's Incredible Pizza. Pretty amazing when you get everyone in town for a weekend...boy were we exhausted at the end of that weekend. Good thing we ended that week with a vacation!

Something funny my kids do...

You might walk into their room at night and think the rapture happened....OR you might just realize how cute they are. Look at what they do the night before with their clothes for school.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Just uploaded our pictures from vacation last week. The kids had the week off for "President's Week" so we took them on a multi-family vacation with some friends. We had an absolute blast, as will be evident in the highlight pictures below.

Where did we go??? We went to Angels Camp, California! It was only about an hour and a half drive. We stayed in a timeshare resort that our friends have ownership of. We had a 2 bedroom condo and it was very nice! We had a night to ourselves, getting settled and moved in - and a day to ourselves, still getting settled and moved in, on Wednesday. Royce took the kids swimming in the cold, though the pool was heated. They really enjoyed that. I stayed behind with Joshua napping. That night our friends joined us and 1 at a time, each family mosied on over to our condo where we then had a unit full of 25 people (10 adults, 15 children). It was a bit on the loud side. (so fun!)

[who was the smart one who got the kids playing duck, duck, goose?? Oh that's right, it was Kristen, of course!]

On Friday the ladies spent some time away at Starbucks and then went thrift store shopping in this quaint town of Angels Camp. It was raining on us by the time we got back, but clear skies later in the day. We kept getting told that it was going to snow there, which is unusual for that altitude. That afternoon during naptime, all of the dads got together for a bit and then took the kids to play on a playground.

[At one point, when the moms all came back from somewhere, we found all of the boys shirtless and watching TV. (funny things happen when Dads are in charge) Below is exactly how we found them when we walked in the door.]

By Saturday, we still hadn't seen any snow, so we caravaned up to Arnold and found some snow! Again, a blast was had by all. The kids were able to sled down a hill & after a little while it began to snow on us. We headed back to the resort, attempted to get kids down for a nap and the blue skies at Angels Camp began to flurry with snow. It was beautiful. For a brief few moments, God brought snow to us.

Sadly, on Sunday we headed back home. It was a much needed vacation and change of scenery for us. Our last vacation was to San Diego 2 years ago! Thank you, friends, for making it happen, and thank you Lord, for the opportunity to be in true community and fellowship with your children.

Below are some more photos of our trip....