Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello and long time no blog! Below is our annual holiday letter. There are still 1/3 of our family & friends who have yet to receive this along with our card in the mail. Hoping to accomplish the rest of the Christmas cards in January!

More updates and pictures are coming to the blog soon - time to get back into the swing of things. When baby hits 6 months old, we usually feel like we're getting the swing of things. However, there are new challenges we face, such as attitudes of 9 year olds. We'll catch up soon enough with life in the Phelps household. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

“Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people” Luke 2:10


H ello Friends and Family, we’ve got a rhyme for yous; it’s what happens when you read too much Dr. Seuss.
A bout time we did another letter, I know. Last year we were busy, this year too, watching our family grow!
P helps headquarters gained another little trooper; Joshua Thomas is really quite super!
P lenty of LOVE to go around, we extend some to you too when this letter you have found.
Y ou’ll find a tidbit of all in this letter and maybe you’ll get to know the Phelps’ a little better.

B iggest brother Nathan (9) just started Basketball and loves drawing, playing Legos and isn’t so small. (3rd grade!)
I n the first grade now, Hannah (6 ½) is learning so much, she’s caring, artistic and loves all with a “little mama’s” touch.
R eally testing Mom’s patience these days, Preston (4½) loves to play, do art and is loving his newest brother’s baby stage.
T his toddler, Spencer (2) is such a joy; full of energy, laughter, curiosity; he loves cars & trains and is such a big boy!
H appy is Joshua (5mos.) most would say, but teething & gas some of the day. Giggles & smiles; this age is perfect all the way.
D ad and mom love these blessings that keep them so busy, life isn’t perfect in fact at times makes us dizzy.
A t least we have each other and all of you in our life, but most importantly we are glad that we have Christ.
Y es we have our struggles like anybody does, but we have Hope within us and are joyful because.

J uly brought us a new baby, kids went back to school and in November Royce lost his job but it’s “cool”.
E verything is up in the air but we’re excited; our new mantra is: God’s in control & if He wills it so be it.
S o Courtney keeps busy with kiddos and MOPS, with homework and housework; the fun never stops.
U nabashed is our love for God and for life; who cares if there’s a little bit of strife.
S o If you told us 10 years ago, when we wed, that we’d have 5 kids, “You’re looney!” we would have said.
! Hopefully by now you’re not sawing a log, but if you want to hear more just check out our blog!

The Phelps Family
Royce, Courtney, Nathan, Hannah, Preston, Spencer & Joshua

Monday, December 20, 2010

Preparations for Christmas

Trimming the Christmas Tree is always festive around our house. Christmas music on, cookies & cocoa consumption, we're ready to go!

Each night in December, our family goes through the book "The Adventure of Christmas" and reads something about the history and traditions of Christmas, such as trimming the Christmas Tree, why we light up the tree, and our homes, Santa Claus, Holiday Letters and Christmas Greetings. Everyone always enjoys this book each year.

This is something we started this year, an Interactive Nativity set called "What God Wants for Christmas"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We have a 9 year old?!

December 5th marked the 9th anniversary of several hours of labor and the delivery of my first baby, Nathan Michael Phelps. Wow - in the 3rd grade and 9 years old. They say time will fly and they were right!

We had a quiet birthday party for him and big family shabang as well. There were a couple of friends that came over to do what Nathan likes to do, art

Aunt Gracie made him a spectacular Mario cake and Nathan had a wonderful day!