Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cool like that

Here is a fun picture of Spencer smiling! He is two months old now, getting very big and a happy baby to boot.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Twin Dino's

Spencer (8 weeks) with his buddy Emerson Brooks (4 weeks). We didn't even plan this and it's the 2nd time it has happened!


I snapped a picture of our last meeting.
& my favorite speaker ever: Dr. Lisalee Egbert!

Cold Day at the Park BRRRRR

Remember that Saturday after New Year's? Wow was it a cold one! But we braved the elements & took the new bike for a test drive.

Preston was saying: "Push me!" - the jeep is stationary

Here is where I was - far far away (standing in a little corner of sunlight)

This is how far I zoomed in!

Some Christmas Pictures

It seems that Santa enjoyed our cookies & milk!


Sleeping baby...

Crazy Christmas Morning

Preston got Darth Vader Legoman!
Nathan and specially made-by-grandma Light Saber

Aunt Gracie

Aunt Em

Great Grammy & Spencer

Hannah & her 1st bike

The boys on the couch
Stocking time!

Pastor read the Christmas Story to the children

The kids got a kick out of being up on stage.
This video is so cute, just the first 10 seconds or so. For the sake of your equillibrium, you might want to skip the rest...I didn't know it was still recording (new camera & all). But Nathan's Star Wars Legos have become quite an issue in the house with Preston always wanting them. He says, "MY DAR BADER!" So, mom got him some Star Wars legomen & here he is light saber fighting them & when Nathan asks, "Are those legos?" Preston is quick to reply, "Yes, they're mine!"