Friday, September 26, 2008

No pictures...but an update nonetheless!

In August, my digital camera broke. Eventually we'll replace it and be able to update with photos of the kids. For now, here is an update on us. Parts might be a repeat for some:

Early August, we moved! We have a ton of space and a huge backyard and it has been busy in itself to slowly unpack, etc. In fact, we still have a ton of stuff to bring over this weekend from the condo. Since the move, our laptop has crashed and just a month or two prior to that, my old computer (literally) died. Smoke actually came from the back of it when it turned off - never to turn on again.

Along with the demise of our computers, the internet service has taken forever (2 months) to get situated in the new house. I'm currently "online" but the DSL signal is intermittent, so a technician will be out on Friday to really fix things.

An angel (good friend) brought over a computer (actually, make that 2 Angels, 2 good friends dropped off used computers at my house all in the same night on Monday) and one of them has allowed my usage and is working, though pretty slow but I'm not complaining!!! Long story short, I am FINALLY online again.

The family is doing great, Royce is working his tail off to provide and keeping extremely busy despite the economy of other Tile companies. We are blessed to be with Artisan Tile as God has His hand on this compnay, as well as on our family.

Nathan started 1st grade last month, Hannah started 4 year old Preschool at Christ Community Preschool, where she went to the 3's program last year. Preston is talking a lot and cute as a bug. They're all 3 doing really good and driving their mother crazy all at the same time.

Now for the news, we are expecting a little boy this Winter and have decided to name him Spencer. The middle name is up in the air at this point. We thought we were going with Theodore, but are thinking about switching it to Immanuel, which means: "God is with us" - it just seems appropriate for this season in our lives. Spencer is due Dec. 12th, however we expect to have him in November! With H being 10 days early and then P being 12 days early, the doctor and I just don't think Spencer will hang on until December!

On other news, my mom is moving from Tahoe to come live with us and will be looking for a part-time job and go back to school for her Accounting Degree and hoping also for her Nursing License along the way! We expect her here in about a month and are looking forward to it.

Many of you, my special friends, have been leaving me messages or voicemails and I have been really unfaithful to return many calls/messages/emails, etc. It is not personal, so I apologize if I have hurt any feelings. In addition to family stuff I have been balancing my MOPS group of which I have been Co-Coordinating with my good friend Janet. It is like a full-time job, but is an act of service in a ministry that I believe in whole-heartedly. I've been trying to check my email at family/friends houses but also the local library and it has been difficult to do much more than skim and read a few here and there. Very hard to balance a 2 year old on my lap and try to construct an email! Even here at home for the past day he has been fighting me over the keyboard. : )

So there is my update to any who come here a wondering! Next week I'll be going to Dallas for a MOPS Convention and my mom will be here helping Royce with the kiddos. Sometime later in October/November I hope to make more time for all of the important people in my life. Happy Fall!